What Happens to Your Smartphone When it Overheats?

Mobile phones, especially smartphones, can be damaged by overheating. Overheating affects your phone’s performance, and can eventually lead to owning an expensive paperweight. While not overly common, overheating phones have been in the news recently: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 incident reminded the public that overheating phones can have serious consequences. So why do smartphones overheat […]

Which Is Better: Phone Cooler Or Phone Cooling App?

If you’re like me, you probably have a phone that’s always overheating. But until recently, there was no way to cool it down without the help of an external device. However, technology is advancing quickly and now there are apps that can help you cool your phone down. In this article, we’ll compare these two […]

5 Reasons why phone is overheating

Excessive Smartphone Usage There are many factors that cause a phone’s processor to produce heat, including the touch screen, camera, and phone’s screen. Over time, the constant work required to power everything results in heat accumulation. Even intense usage or non-stop use of your mobile phone can generate an excess of heat. This is why […]

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