5 Reasons why phone is overheating

Excessive Smartphone Usage

There are many factors that cause a phone’s processor to produce heat, including the touch screen, camera, and phone’s screen. Over time, the constant work required to power everything results in heat accumulation. Even intense usage or non-stop use of your mobile phone can generate an excess of heat. This is why apps such as games can result in a very warm mobile device.

Typically, apps that consume a lot of processing power tend to cause the device to overheat. More specifically, screen brightness is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to sub-optimal phone settings that cause your overheating. In addition, cellular network conditions force the phone to constantly search for signals, which leads to stress on the processor and generation of a lot of heat.

Buggy Software Update Or Malware

Mobile phone software bugs often result in apps getting stuck in a loop that uses high amounts of processor time, which may result in the app using too much memory, which leads to more heat being generated on your device.

A recent waves of malware is one that doesn’t really steal information, but it uses resources, such as your processor and your battery life instead! We’re talking about cryptocurrency miners that secretly mine cryptocurrency on your Android device. iOS devices are less at risk for hacks than Android mobile phones, so you should take caution smartly even if you have an Apple device. Regardless of what kind of phone you have, apps should only be downloaded from official app stores.

A Faulty Battery, Cable, Or Charger

Not all chargers are made with the same quality, and this can cause smartphones to overheat beyond uncomfortable. Non-compliant batteries, cables, and chargers have led to smartphone devices catching fire for a variety of reasons.

Moreover, physical damage can leave batteries unable to absorb the stresses of charging or moderate usage—a problem that we often hear about people whose phones ‘exploded’ after heating up while charging. Most of those cases involve the usage of unofficial chargers from third-party manufacturers and bad quality cables. You should only use original or approved third-party accessories.

You shouldn’t charge your phone when you sleep or pretend to sleep, and you should never have a charging mobile under your pillow. You should also work with quality chargers that do not overheat.

Blocked Ventilation

Mobile phone manufacturers have built phones with coolers in place to prevent overheating. With high-end cooling, this is not an issue for most devices, but some old ones may get too hot.

It’s more possible when temperatures are high, such as on a summer day. This is because your phone has been exposed to excess heat from the sun, which in turn creates more heat. It would be best not to keep your phone under direct sunlight as not only is it more likely to lead to scorching but also could result in damage and permanent cracks on the device’s body and screen.

Sometimes it is easy to take for granted how modern day phones become so hot when the protective case that surrounds the phone isn’t doing enough to dissipate the heat. This becomes a problem as it decreases battery life while also increasing the risk of something going wrong with your phone. Avoid excessive bulkiness in cases that don’t use good thermal design and you’ll notice a big difference in how efficient all of your phones operate.

Internal Damage

As a battery ages, typically over time it damages itself. This can cause heat buildup and lead to the processor throttling down as well as other internal damage.

Some phones come with advanced cooling mechanisms that are damaged if you drop your phone without being able to see the damage, but you might find that your phone is heating up more than normal. Damage to critical components can also cause short circuits which could result in a battery or circuit board getting fried.

Given that, mobile phone manufacturers don’t provide those warranties for accidental damage, you should consider buying a plan from the manufacturer or a third party if this is your worst-case scenario. Onsitego’s Spills & Drops Protection Plan covers all types of accidental damage, such as water, drop or dings. It comes with our “No Questions Asked” policy, which means we’ll take care of you even when you’re in a jam and don’t have time to explain.


Phone might getting hot because of various reasons. The best way is to put down your phone and stop using it when you feel it overheated. Another way is to use a phone fan cooler so that you can still use your phone white it is hot.

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