Memo Mobile Phone Cooling Fan Radiator For iPhone 14


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Product name: mobile phone radiator DL05

Maximum: 7500 revolutions

Input voltage: 5V

Input current: 1.5A-2A

Charging interface: Type-C

Use model: width 65-85mm


1. After installation, it does not affect the holding with both hands, and there is no metal feeling

2. Silent glare fan, bass operation, no interference

3. Spring telescopic clamp, support and clamping width is 65-85mm, will not hurt the phone

4. Embedded silent fan 7500 rpm DC motor noise reduction operation

5. With LED screen to display the phone temperature

6. Lightweight and portable to carry around to cool down at any time

Package Included:

Mobile phone radiator*1

Power Cable*1

Manual *1



Name: Mobile Phone Radiator

Model: DL06

Input voltage / current: 5V

lnput current: 1.5A-2A

Speed: 7500

Material: ABS

Colour: black

Charging interface: Micro

Weight: about 150g



Powerful heat sink: The cooling fan prevents the phone from overheating while playing the game console, extending the life of the phone and battery.

Water-cooled radiator: Compared with other coolers, this radiator game can be used for half an hour and can cool 10~30°C. It can effectively solve the problem of fever or power failure when using a mobile phone.

Applicable to all models of for iPhone / Android phone / tablet with a width of 65-85mm. Play a variety of games without worrying about fever.

The cooling radiator is powerful and equipped with a 1.5m USB data cable. Plug in the power to automatically turn on, and instantly cool.

Light weight and convenient, silicone mat on the edge of the cooler. Firmly absorb the phone to avoid the phone falling off and scratching.

Package Included:

Phone Radiator *1

Power cable *1

Manual *1



Maximum: 6000 revolutions

Battery capacity: 700mAh

Product net weight: 50g

Product gross weight: 92g

Product size: 8.8 * 5.3 * 3.8cm

Packing size: 9.8 * 5 * 12.3cm

Product accessories: mobile phone radiator * 1, power cord * 1

Telescopic back clip, more stable than safe

Support clamping width 66-84mm

Cool colorful lighting effects


1. Three-speed adjustable wind power, 6000 speed, solve the problem of sweating and hot mobile phone

2.700mAh large battery, battery life up to 3 hours, fast full charge in 1 hour

3. After installation, it does not affect the holding with both hands, and the bare metal feel

4. Silent glare fan, bass operation, no interference

5. Spring telescopic clip, support the clamping width of 66-84mm, without hurting the phone

Package Included:

Mobile phone radiator*1

power cord*1

Manual *1

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DL05, DL06, FL05